About me


If you were curious, my last name Șerbănoiu is pronounced [cher-bah-no-you]. Think about that one singer, Cher.

Born and raised in Romania, I currently live in Bucharest working at Fitbit as a product designer. Previously at Endava.

As a self-taught designer with more than 7 years of experience, I use my skills in order to help people achieve their goals.
I love witty design solutions and I'm fascinated by the marvelous human mind.

Even though I have a Computer Science background, I still believe design is life.
I joke about being a recovering engineer : )

In my spare time, I enjoy reading design books, I watch streams of PUBG on twitch.tv and sometimes I 3D model.

Top 5 things about me



I love animals, especially dogs



My favorite number is 15



As a kid, I learned English by watching cartoons



Never tried Pineapple Pizza



I love Chelsea boots and loafer shoes