Fun projects

UX/UI Design & Game Design

Endava Enews

Early 2017 – UX/UI Design

Endava displayed company news, events and birthdays on strategically placed displays around the office.

I had the opportunity to design and to collaborate with the engineering team in order to implement a new content manager for these displays.

My role

As the only designer in the team, my core responsibility was to design a fresh UI. My other contributions included taking part in planning, presenting and collaborating with the engineering team.


After meetings with the project owner and the content manager where we discussed this project's needs, I laid out a visual representation of the future system.

On a weekly basis, the engineering team and I worked on ironing the details and polishing the interaction and animations.

WWWifi App

Early 2017 – UX/UI Design

Along with 4 other friends and colleagues back in 2017, we created this app through which we planned to collect all the public wifi networks and passwords in our town (Iasi, Romania) and make them available to the public.


In order to move very fast, we worked in a pseudo-scrum way, iterating on mockups and on the prototypes thus skipping the preceding steps.

I was an early adopter of Principle making it my main animation/prototyping tool. It helped me create the logo animation and illustrate the desired interactions along the way.


Fluffy Fort

2014/2015 – Game/UI Design

My roommate and I created this Unity game back in 2014. He was an aspiring game developer at the time and I was trying to see if I can design a mobile game.

We came up with an original idea and created everything ourselves except sounds and music.

Our end goal was to go through each step of developing a game and publishing it to a store. For a couple of years, Fluffy Fort was available on the Google PlayStore.


We used Trello to schedule and manage our sprints, lay down the roadmap, and the inspiration mood boards.

We used Hockey app for build deployment and guerilla-tested our game after each solid iteration.

I was inspired to adopt and create pixel-art game art and UI elements even though I had no experience with this style. At the time, I wasn't aware of any of the specialized tools so I used Photoshop exclusively.

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